Coffee profile: Java Siliwangi

Nestled between the Java Sea and the Indian Ocean, the island of Java stands small but mighty. This stunning island is the world’s most populous, with over 140 million inhabitants, and one of the most dynamic with rugged coastlines, vast mountain ranges, and fertile agricultural lands. Java also happens to be the first island in Indonesia to have planted coffee, with the earliest known plants dating back to 1699.

It’s no surprise that coffee thrives in Java. The island’s topography and geography are ideal for coffee growing with its rich volcanic soil, soaring mountains, temperate climate, and steady ocean mist. Our particular Java, Java Siliwangi, is grown on several small family farms stretched across the south of the island, at elevations of 4,000 – 4,600. The bean is an old typica varietal. Typicas* originated in Ethiopia and are known for their wonderful body, purity, and consistency. We believe these traits inspired the farmers to refer to the beans as Siliwangi, in honor of Java’s most celebrated king, the legendary King Siliwangi. King Siliwangi was fierce, bold, pure, and extremely prosperous…three traits the growers of Java Siliwangi are confident their beans posses.

King Siliwangi, whose legend has thrived through the centuries thanks to Sudanese oral storytelling tradition, ruled over the Hindu Sunda Kingdom, now West Java. Siliwangi was viewed not only as a brilliant warrior but also as a charming, handsome, gallant statesman who brought glory, prosperity, and joy to his people. Our Java Siliwangi beans honor this great, mythical king in their cleanliness, complexity, and bewitching flavors. Naturally grown and harvested, Java Siliwangi opens with delicate, subtle berry notes supported by a rich molasses base and crisp blackberry close. This lovely Vienna roast has moderate acidity, medium body, and a heavenly aroma. To purchase this wonderful coffee, click here

*To learn more about the Typica varietal, click here.

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