Guest post! The guy guide, how a man’s coffee choice describes his lifestyle

Walk into your local café and order a double black Americano extra strong, or a triple shot decaf vanilla latte with whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkles stenciled into Hello Kitty, your barista won’t judge you…but the spicy lady or cute guy eyeing you from the other side of the café might. What you drink says a lot about your style and personality. Let’s look at the menu of coffee man

Flat White

A regular coffee order, the flat white is the choice of men who are not entirely addicted to caffeine, but also not likely to infuse their cup with spices and syrups. You choose to enjoy your coffee in its purest, basic and most-consumed form. By telling the others that this is the way to drink it, your cup of flat white doesn’t say much about you except that you like coffee and know how to effortless nail current trends.

Café Americano

A strong no-nonsense order for strong, no-nonsense guy who won’t tolerate anybody’s crap. The grail drink of writers, night-shift journalists and gritty police detectives who contrast their neatly pressed dark suit, one of many duplicates they own, with a hilarious mug to show they are not entirely laced straight. You take life as it is, unsweetened and hard. If you order black, you’re most likely quiet and moody, with occasional extrovert outbursts that catch everyone unprepared. Also, you most probably have a





If black coffee is the pipe, espresso is the unfiltered cigarette of the coffee drinking world. Your cup of espresso is your badge that says ‘seasoned coffee drinker’. A perfect blend of quick caffeine, stylish drinking and Italian style, espresso is the choice of tireless professionals who like to pair their Ace Marks with some casual and classy man jeans, and managers who drop the vowels to speed up the conversation, while their handwriting takes a team of forensic experts to decipher.


Flavoured Latte

Also known as the hedonist’s flat white, with extra milk and sugar, flavoured latte is adding some sweetness to this bitter and cruel world. If you’ve got time to drink a latte, you either have a very laid-back job, or you’re working from home. You’re the kind of guy that is always wearing a smile, even when trying to be serious. Loved by Pilates instructors and people walking small dogs, it’s not going to make you a Testosterosaurus but it will certainly solidify your reputation as an individualist (and likely a softy!).


A perfect cup for those just beginning to explore the world of coffee. Gentle in nature, small in size, and made with frothy milk, it’s the choice of men who always want something extra for their buck. Positioned somewhere between latte and espresso, the cappuccino is ordered by intelligent men who are capable of holding three conversations at the same time and answering the phone for the fourth. Cappuccino drinkers run the show without staring as its feature.



OK, this is not even a real drink. You should learn proper pronunciation because ordering a ‘caffeccino’ says that you don’t know Italian, you don’t know coffee, and when it comes to it, you don’t know much about anything. It’s back to square one for you. Your coffee order is like your wardrobe, favourite restaurant, the car your drive, and the music you crank up. It can say a lot about you. While this quick analysis has little to do with science, it’s only you who can testify to its accuracy. Cheers.

Written by Georgia Selih of High Style Life.

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